72 Poppies

72 Poppies

During 2018 WE Great Place and The Button Tin helped bring an idea to life, one that was conceived by Valerie Noble and the rest of the Elsecar Holy Trinity Church community.

Working together the group hand crafted 72 poppies to commemorate local soldiers who fell during WW1. The poppies and the accompanying plaques told the soldiers stories and also highlighted where they had once lived within the village of Elsecar.

A map was created and shared with the local community as a way of encouraging people to learn about and understand the huge sacrifice these local men and their families had made.

The 72 Poppies trail ran from the 22nd October 2018 and remained in place for a total of seven weeks to ensure all the anniversaries of the soldier’s passing’s had been remembered.

It was a truly beautiful and poignant tribute which was warmly received within the village.