Tour De Yorkshire 2018 – Elsecar Village Dressing

Tour De Yorkshire 2018 - Elsecar Best Dressed Village

May 2018 saw the Tour De Yorkshire pass through both of our great places and WE Great Place were keen to celebrate and commemorate their presence in a unique way.

We commissioned two great arts focused projects to bring our unique places to life.

The Button Tin’s Gemma Nemer was commissioned to help vision, craft and install the decorations in Elsecar Village.

Inspiration was drawn from the old archived images of the King’s visit to Elsecar in the 1900’s. The vision was to give the Tour De Yorkshire a royal welcome to the village, to capture some true Yorkshire wit and charm, to raise a smile and fill hearts with joy.

Gemma worked with the local community groups, businesses and residents and local business to bring the vision to life. Running a number of hands-on workshops at Elsecar Heritage Centre resulted in beautiful handmade decorations that were used to line the race route.

Imagine miles and miles of blue and yellow bunting, material swags, woollen tassels, large hand-crafted bows and flowers and large scale banners capturing heartfelt Yorkshire sayings – there wasn’t a space left untouched!

In excess of 70 people contributed making the wonderful decorations which saw Elsecar nominated for the award of the ‘Tour De Yorkshire 2018 Best Dressed Village’, without them the project simply would not have been feasible, so thank you!

Learn a little more about the creative process of the Tour De Yorkshire 2018 project and take a look at the impressive piece of land art here.