Tour De Yorkshire 2018 – Land Art

Tour De Yorkshire 2018 - Wentworth Woodhouse Land Art

May 2018 saw the Tour De Yorkshire pass through both of our great places and GPWE were keen to celebrate and commemorate their presence in a unique way.

WE Great Place commissioned two great arts focused projects to bring our unique places to life.

The Landmark Collective created a unique, impactful piece of land art at Wentworth Woodhouse. The piece of art, which was designed to be seen from the air and measured 140 metres at its widest part, drew inspiration from a story that guests were given rose petals to leave a trail of confetti back to their bedrooms because the house was so vast.

The art captured not only the playfulness of this story but also embraced the rich history of the site which was depicted through the use colourful shapes and symbols.

The development of the landmark design and spray painting, which covered the west facing lawn at Wentworth Woodhouse, was a real community focused project and the Landmark Collective were supported by children from Wentworth C of E Primary School and Kilnhurst Primary School in Rotherham, along with staff and volunteers from Rotherham Council and Wentworth Woodhouse.

The land art which looked spectacular gained worldwide and national attention. It was it was featured on live coverage worldwide and the design process was featured on the BBC’s The One Show and also won the prestigious ‘Tour De Yorkshire 2018 Land Art Winner’.

Learn a little more about the creative process of the Tour De Yorkshire 2018 project and take a look at the impressive piece of land art here.